Kaela Rowan

Scottish singer songwriter Kaela Rowan sings with her own combo, The Kaela Rowan Band and Shooglenifty. Kaela sings in Scots, Gaelic and English. She loves to sing puirt à beul or mouth music.

Reviews of The Fruited Thorn

"This is an album that can move the furniture around in your mind"
– Folk All (Read the full review here)

"A disc of truly outstanding performances"
– Fatea (Read the full review here)

"Kaela Rowan has the kind of pure, clear and soaring voice that would make you drop everything and rush to listen if you caught a snatch of it drifting from a festival tent"
– Morning Star (Read the full review here)

"Basking in inspired arrangements"
– Penguin Eggs

"Subtle, evocative – a total killer of a record. Pure beauty *****"
– fRoots

"There's a lot to get into here" – R2

"Listening to Kaela Rowan is cathartic, stimulating and inspirational"
– Folkwords (Read the full review here)

"Intensely moving vocals ... unfussy yet telling accompaniment"
– Songlines

"An album that takes a fresh look at some traditional ballads, with fine vocals, superb instrumentation and innovative collaborations, The Fruited Thorn skilfully bridges the gap between the experimental and the familiar"
– Bright Young Folk (Read full review here)

"A fine example of more is less, an album for your more contemplative listener or required listening when your mind is spinning and you just want something to restore your faith in great delivery of timeless sources"
– Spiral Earth (Read full review here)