Kaela Rowan

Scottish singer songwriter Kaela Rowan sings with her own combo, The Kaela Rowan Band and Shooglenifty. Kaela sings in Scots, Gaelic and English. She loves to sing puirt à beul or mouth music.


Kaela is accompanied by James Mackintosh (Shooglenifty, String Sisters) on guitar and percussion, and Ewan MacPherson (Shooglenifty, Salt House) on guitar, mandolin and jaw harp.

Percussion, guitars

Hailing from the Scottish Highlands, James first met Kaela Rowan at school. At the time his forays into percussion were distinctly hand knitted. Fearing for the integrity of her pots and pans, his mother eventually bought him a drumkit for his 15th birthday.

Some 30 years later James is widely recognised as one of Scotland’s most innovative drummers. A founder member of Acid Croft pioneers Shooglenifty, he is responsible for the deliriously danceable grooves underpinning the band’s sound. The Shoogle drummer is much in demand elsewhere: most recently appearing with String Sisters, John McCusker Band, Transatlantic Sessions (live and TV), Misha MacPherson, and Ross Ainslie & Jarlath Henderson.

James co-produced The Fruited Thorn with Kaela Rowan

Guitar, mandolin, jaw harp

Ewan began his musical career in Wales where he played in heavy metal bands. Eventually he earned enough cash to pay for a haircut and graduated to African Township jive, dance and electronica, and finally traditional and contemporary folk/roots music.

A multi-instrumentalist, he was a founder member of Scottish/Scandinavian combo Fribo and trad Scots quartet Salt House. He stepped into the coveted Shooglenifty mandolin slot in 2014 and has since become an indispensable part of this reinvigorated Scottish musical institution.